Who are we?

Walter and Barbara open the doors to their little slice of paradise

Barbara and Walter are a community-minded couple with a love of hiking. A passion they love to share with their family. They invite you to enjoy a memorable holiday and wish you and your family a wonderful stay at "Le Troubadour"!

"Our children and grandchildren love it here and build unforgettable memories. We are happy to share this place, steeped in family history, with you."

Barbara and Walter not only love the open spaces of the Opal Coast, but also the Belgian Ardennes. They are therefore happy to welcome you, together with your family, to their gîte "Le Hérisson", similar to "Le Troubadour", located in Vresse-sur-Semois.

Anne-Lise Durand

Anne-Lise will take care of you, your bookings and your stay. She'll go the extra mile to meet and exceed your expectations.

Tel : +32 492 48 29 68+33 7 49 65 73 44
@ : contact@gitetroubadour.com

Holiday memories from Le Troubadour

The winding road passes through fields, the night is dark and the excitement of the end of the journey can be felt in the car. On the left, in the distance, Boulogne la belle reminds me of the lights of its harbour, as if resting on the water. To the right, the moon is also reflected in the North Sea, at the point where the French coast is closest to the English cliffs. And suddenly, straight ahead, a furtive light appears and disappears at regular intervals, every few seconds.

I wonder. Am I the only one to have seen it? It returns. It's getting closer. And then I smile, I understand. It's the Cap Gris-Nez lighthouse that welcomes me to the Land of the Two Capes. This is nature's territory. Man is invited, tolerated, but nature is master on board. Nature is powerful in the winds it blows along the paths, it is powerful in the force of the water that rises quickly between the rocks, it is powerful in the sun that beats down in summer. So we make ourselves small and enjoy our chance to rub shoulders with this force.

In the small hamlet of Framezelle, we find Le Troubadour.Like a small world apart, we settle into the family home, rediscovering the pleasure of being together, thinking of nothing but our fellow travellers. We recall the first steps of the children who grew up here, the laughter in the swimming pool, the big dinner parties, the endless games in the garden, the whispers in the children's bedrooms until the small hours of the night. But also the fresh air of walks on the cliffs and the pleasure of finding prawns between the rocks, the refreshing sleep and, when the house is peaceful, the regular, reassuring light of the Gris-Nez lighthouse watching over the sea and Le Troubadour.